Our vision

and how we’ll get there


We create freedom and independence in our customers’ mobility,
optimizing orientation in a dynamically connected world.



We provide orientation for people, things and processes by bridging the physical and virtual worlds. The needs arising from this context define the market that we serve worldwide.


A unique geodata-based ecosystem is what distinguishes our product portfolio as a leader in innovation and technology. Our solutions make the business of our partners, our customers and their users more mobile, thereby optimizing their processes. The continuous enhancement of our technologies and services not only increases the benefits for our customers and their users but also makes us and our partners even more competitive in the long term.


We are a global company that is conscious of its social and environmental responsibility and acts accordingly. Creativity, diversity and togetherness are key values that we actively live up to, in keeping with our philosophy. We aim to be an attractive company in everything we do for our employees and partners, in recognition of their special commitment. We see this as our responsibility as an employer and company.