Join the team

At Heidelberg Mobil you will use the full range of your professional and people skills on a daily basis to make a focused contribution to our mutual success. You will share your knowledge with us, report important information, win new customers, communicate, discuss, and come up with solutions. You will take responsibility, program exciting software, develop drafts and concepts and see projects through to completion. You will be committed to your work and will move the company forward in everything you do.

And because you do all this for us, we will do a lot for you, too, with a range of incentives to show you how highly we value your work. 

Want to know what our people love most about working for Heidelberg Mobil? Here are the top ten answers from our most recent staff survey:

Being part of the team

We see our team as the key to our success. Everyone brings their own unique qualities, skills and capabilities to the table – both as a professional and as a human being. But it is only by working together that we can unlock our full potential so that we can successfully meet the demanding challenges that we face in our business.

We firmly believe that “it’s all in the mix”.

The work

One thing you can be sure of is that working for us will never be boring. No two days are the same and every project throws up different challenges. There will always be new tasks to keep those brain cells stimulated. And because we want to stay agile, we use Scrum rather than (only) relying on conventional working methods.

Job ticket

Heidelberg is famous the world over as a city of romance. But now you’ve got a new job here, what’s the best way to get around? Tourists, locals and commuters are served by an excellent public transportation network. Our job ticket means you can enjoy a relaxing journey to work while saving on gas, money and stress. 

Can’t bear to leave your car at home? Parking spaces are available right next to our office.

The chance to grow

As a company that develops mobile solutions, we don’t want our employees to stand still professionally. Development and dynamism are key – we cannot allow our structures and knowledge base to remain static. We therefore give all our people the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally so that they are equipped to meet new challenges. It’s in our interests – and yours too. Speak to us and find out more!

Health and social benefits

You are much more to us than mere “human capital” for which we need to factor in a certain number of sick days. We care about your health and wellbeing. That’s why we have an annual Health Day to help you stay in good shape. Our company doctor makes several visits a year during which they will provide you with useful tips and carry out ergonomic inspections of your workplace. If you want to get some exercise after spending all day in the office, you can save money thanks to our special deal with the Pfitzenmeier and Venice Beach fitness studios. At Heidelberg Mobil, we think about the future today and we encourage our staff to do the same – for instance through our extremely generous company pension scheme, substantially discounted insurance policies or substantial top-ups of your private pension. All tailored to meet your individual needs.

Working together for our mutual benefit

Our staff survey results clearly show the importance of team spirit at our company. We regard everyone from senior management to interns as part of the same team – it is only by working together that we can achieve the big goals. To do this, we must respect one another and always be ready to help each other out. We firmly believe that a friendly environment where contributions are properly recognized motivates people to give their best and boosts everyone’s performance. How do we achieve this? We encourage and practice a transparent and respectful culture where people have the opportunity to give feedback outside of their formal appraisal meetings. We don’t just allow people to contribute their ideas and suggestions – we actively encourage it. After all, it is in everyone’s interests to do so. 

Want to know more about what we stand for as a company? Then take a look at our Values.


We believe that an informal atmosphere is the best way to promote open communication. The whole team therefore gets together once a month to discuss the latest issues and share success stories and experiences. This ensures that everyone is kept in the picture and is involved in helping to grow our business. 

All work and no play? Not here! We have fun at and after work. People from different departments come together to play foosball during their breaks, while outside of work you can take your pick from Playstation gaming, soccer matches, laser tag, karting or cocktail parties –whatever floats your boat.

Flexible working hours & working from home

A person on a 40-hour week works a net total of around 1,760 hours a year. But they don’t necessarily have to spend all of this time in-house. We know from personal experience how hard it can be to find the right work-life balance at certain times in your life. That’s why we offer people the chance to work from home as long as this fits in with the requirements of their team and job. Tell us about your needs and we’ll work something out.

Technology/modern work environment

Different people with different roles obviously have different requirements of their workplace. But one thing everyone has in common is that they want modern facilities with cutting-edge technology. Our offices provide a communication-friendly environment with space for personal interaction. You will be able to develop solutions in modern meeting rooms and put them into practice using the latest technologies and methods.

Coffee & Co

Everyone needs good coffee, not just developers. To help you keep your energy levels up, you can drink unlimited coffee and a wide selection of teas. Feeling peckish? Our meal allowance means you can eat well without breaking the bank.